Need to be compliant with security protocols ASAP? Copilotco will guide you through the complex web of security controls, required paperwork, and auditors.

High Availability

24/7 availability means no interruption of business critical operations. We’ll help you ensure uptime through redundancy, failover, and zero single-point-of-failure.

Premium Support

100% US-based support available around the clock. Our Linux, security, and compliance experts are here to answer questions and fix problems round the clock.

You did a great job! It was really fast.

Our ISP’s support didn’t answer the phone but you did and you fixed it.

Thank you!


Why Choose Copilotco

Copilotco’s expert team of system administrators and security analysts bring decades of experience and are truly dedicated to providing you the best secure managed service possible. Our customers rave about our responsiveness to their needs, our availability, our willingness to partner with them on solving problems, and our dedication to making their businesses successful.

No other secure managed service offering can match what Copilotco offers in terms of designing and implementing specialized hosting and security programs to meet your specific needs. Copilotco’s unique security program starts by asking the right questions, from which everything else follows. Need a better solution?

Ask us what the right questions are!