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pkgsrc qmail packages re-updated

As a result of further discussion with Charles (some of it off-line, so as not to annoy the rest of you), I've updated the pkgsrc qmail packages once more.

Executive summary: my add-ons have moved out of the "qmail" and "netqmail" packages into a new "qmail-run" package.

All three packages include a "README.pkgsrc" document that suggests contacting me for help first, and recommends reading and following "Life with qmail" and "12 Steps to qmail List Bliss" before posting to this list.

By making it more clear to the user what's part of qmail, what's a pkgsrc customization, and how to get help with each, the packages should create significantly less of a support burden.

Versions incorporating these changes:
* netqmail-1.05nb1
* qmail-1.03nb8
* qmail-run-20040803

Many thanks to Charles for his suggestions and patience.

- Amitai

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