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Re: slow local delivery

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Mark Delany wrote:

> >How can I run more qmail-remote processes or somehow speed-up the
> >delivery? 
> Well, you don't want more qmail-remote processes, they are for outgoing. You 
> possibly want more qmail-local.

Yes, just a typo, sorry.

> Did you restart qmail when you changed the concurrency? These control files 
> are only read when qmail-start is started.

Yes: kill, wait to be finished, and restart as in boot rc file.

> What sort of system load do you have? Is there plenty of CPU to spare?

Load is 1-3 at night, 10-30 in the daytime. This load seems to be very
high, but there is always 10-20% idle time.

> How are your user names authenticated? Is it /etc/passwd or some other method?

/etc/passwd, this file is about 800kbytes.


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