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Re: [Plone-Users] Find Plone4Artists instances

Jim Biggs wrote:

> To import the zexp, the Plone instance you're importing into must have the
> same products installed as the Plone instance you exported from to create
> the zexp. 

Please take it as given that we both knew that.

> Thus, you have the following options:
> 1) if the Export Plone Instance still exists, find and delete any of the
> offending objects by doing a search on the object_type

That is not possible.  There is no p4a "object type".  

> While I do not use Plone4Artists video, the insidiousness you assigned to
> it actually applies to any Plone Product under the same circumstances.  

No, it doesn't.  Most Plone products install their own content types.  
Modern products install adapters, which don't actually change the original 
types.  At the very worst, when you remove the product, you end up with 
clearly broken objects, which can be searched and deleted.  p4a uses arcane 
Zope 2 hacks, and it can not be uninstalled.  Objects which have been 
modified by p4a throw errors whenever you try to do anything with them - 
including deleting them (you _must_ reinstall p4a to delete them). 

> The
> danger of using Zope Import/Export for importing/exporting zexp files is
> well documented.  

Actually, I don't even want to import/export - it's simply a convenient way 
to know if I've managed to finally erase the last vestiges of p4a.


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