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Re: [Plone-Users] plone 2.5 upgrade to 3.3 __local_site_hook__ error

Milos Prudek wrote at 2009-8-27 11:27 +0200:
>I did my homework. I googled for this error. Products.Plone3Cleaners is 
>supposed to resolve this error, but it does not. Details follow:
>I need to upgrade four Plone 2.5.3 sites to Plone 3.3. All four sites are 
>folders in one Plone instance. 
>- got a working vanilla Plone 3.3 instance and working old Plone 2.5.3 
>instance with four sites. 
>- installed newest version of a product that was in Plone 2.5.3 instance: 
>LinguaPlone 2.1.1
>- copied Data.fs from Plone 2.5.3 to Plone 3.3
>- restarted Plone
>- 3 Plone sites are acessible from ZMI, but one Plone site displays an error 
>in ZMI: Error while invoking hook: "__local_site_hook__"
>Full traceback:
>2009-08-27T11:19:05 ERROR ZPublisher BeforeTraverse: Error while invoking 
>Traceback (most recent call last):
>File "/home/milos/Plone/Zope-2.10.8-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZPublisher/BeforeTraverse.py", 
>line 145, in __call__
>    meth(*(container, request, None)[:args])
>AttributeError: __call__
>2009-08-27T11:19:05 ERROR Zope.SiteErrorLog 1251364745.150.973160748126 
>Traceback (innermost last):
>  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 125, in publish
>  Module Zope2.App.startup, line 238, in commit
>  Module transaction._manager, line 96, in commit
>  Module transaction._transaction, line 395, in commit
>  Module transaction._transaction, line 495, in _commitResources
>  Module ZODB.Connection, line 510, in commit
>  Module ZODB.Connection, line 555, in _commit
>  Module ZODB.Connection, line 582, in _store_objects
>  Module ZODB.serialize, line 407, in serialize
>  Module OFS.Uninstalled, line 40, in __getstate__
>SystemError: This object was originally created by a product that
>            is no longer installed.  It cannot be updated.
>            (<LocalSiteHook at broken>)

This error message is quite good.

Your site contains a "broken" object. This means that it could not be
loaded from the ZODB and has been replaced by a "Broken" instance.

The usual reason for unsuccessful loading from the ZODB is missing
class code for the corresponding object. It looks as if the
class "LocalSiteHook" had the problem. Check which code defines
the needed class "LocalSiteHook" and ensure that it is available.

If this turns out to be difficult, debugging may give your more information.
One approach (the one I would use) is to reproduce the problem
in an interactive Python interpreter ("bin/zopectl debug"),
enter post mortem debugging (with "pdb" or "dm.pdb.zpdb") and
look at the objects the "__getstate__" of which fails. I expect
that you will learn the complete class path (rather than only
the class name 'LocalSiteHook').


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