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Re: [Plone-Users] Products.Marshall is missing ATXML Marshaller

Hi Sander

--On Dienstag, August 25, 2009 15:33:12 +0200 Sander Marechal
<s.marechal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have Plone 3.2.3 installed using the UnifiedInstaller. I have added
> Products.Marshall 1.2.0 to the buildout.
> I am trying to add a new ATXML marshaller, but the marshaller_registry
> does not allow me to add an ATXML marshaller. It only shows a Primary
> Field Marshaller and an RFC882 Marshaller.
> I have googled around and several people commented that the python
> libxml2 may be missing. However, according to the UnifiedInstaller
> documentation it should be installed.
> When I look in /usr/local/Plone/Python-2.4/lib/python2.4 I do zee
> xmllib.py and an xml module. Are those not the libxml2 bindings I need?
> If not, how do I add them? Plone is using it's own Python 2.4 here. I
> can't use my system's tools to install it (I'm on Debian Lenny).
> If those libxml.py and xml are the modules I need, any idea why the
> ATXML Marshaller is not listed?

There are two possible fixes for your problem:

1. The Marshaller product tries to import the libxml2 python bindings. They
   are not present. The installer (probably) does only install libxml2, not
   it's python bindings. This is common cause the libxml2 c library is
   needed for lxml, but the python bindings are not and have to be installed

   Veit Schiele listed the steps needed to download and install the python
   bindings manually. See the section "Download und Installation" [1]:

1. Even so it is tested the atxml marshaller does not depend on libxml2
   python bindings anymore. You can update to version 1.2.1 of
   Products.Marshaller to fix it.
   If you have your own custom package to install, you can add the
   registration of the atxml marshaller like [2]:



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