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Re: Kolb-List: Fabric covering the fuselage

--> Kolb-List message posted by: "Carlos" <grageda@xxxxxxxx>

Hi John,

I can't think of a good reason to cover the fuselage if you are in a temperate climate like Florida or the southern states. If you are in the north with low temps in the winter then enclosing the frame makes sense.

I have not flown a Firestar without covering so I can't say how it would handle. It does seem to me like it might help with rudder authority.

It would be like trying to steer a sail boat without a keel.. You will turn eventually.

Just my  $.02

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Subject: Kolb-List: Fabric covering the fuselage

--> Kolb-List message posted by: "John H Murphy" <mailjohnmurphy@xxxxxxxxx>

I ask this once before but did not receive any responses. Is there any reason to cover the fuselage as is shown in the kolb web site of the white & yellow firestar? I'm assuming it does not effect flight performance but wanted to make sure before I took it off. Cosmetics only?

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