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Zenith-List: Zodiac 601 HDS For Sale

--> Zenith-List message posted by: Stanley Challgren <challgren@xxxxxxx>

> List:
> We have decided to sell our 601 HDS due to my building partner's   
> medical problems and my desire to build a 701.  The aircraft has   
> always been hangared at FTG (Front Range-5 miles from Denver  
> Int'l)  and is polished with Stars and Bars on fuselage and upper  
> wings.   Speed enhancements include wheel pants and VG's on the  
> upper leading  edge of the wings and lower horizontal stabilizer.   
> Single piloted  stall now occurs at 46 MPH which easily qualifies  
> it in the Sport  Plane category.  The VG's have significantly  
> improved the slow speed  handling and aerodynamic braking is now  
> possible down to about 20 MPH.

> The  aircraft has a Jabiru 3300 (Serial # 33A67) with 180 hours on   
> both airframe and engine since first flight in June 2001.  The   
> Economy Tuning Kit was recently installed and fuel burn is now 3.9   
> GPH at 2700 RPM and 120 MPH or nearly 30 MPG.  The fuel burn is 5  
> GPH  at 2750 RPM and 122 MPH.  2900 RPM gives 131 MPH and a fuel  
> burn of  7.2 GPH.  The prop is a recently installed GT 63" two  
> blade wooden  one.  The Engine Information System is by Grand  
> Rapids with all six  cylinders monitored for EGT and CHT.  The EIS  
> fuel flow has proven to  be highly accurate and is backed up by the  
> Zenith sight gauge.  A 15  gallon nose tank is supplemented by two  
> 7.5 gallon wing tanks in the  wing lockers.

> The aircraft is equipped with vacuum driven directional gyro and  
> gyro  horizon backed up by electric turn coordinator.  The VHF  
> radio is a  Valcom 760; the transponder a Narco AT-150; the  
> altitude encoder an  Ameri-King AK-350; the intercom a Sigtronics  
> SPA-400 and the ELT an  Ameri-King AK-450.  Wing tip and tail  
> lights are installed and all  equipment is operational.

> Empty weight of the aircraft is 643 pounds with a useful load of  
> 557  pounds.

> Asking price is $36,900.  Inquiries should be directed to T.R.  
> Moore  at 303-403-4738 or Stan Challgren at 303-674-6910.

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