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RE: [Haskell-cafe] GHC-Cygwin


As you obviously know, there should be no difficulty in principle with building GHC-Cygwin; that is, a GHC that will compile binaries that expect to run on Cygwin (using the Cygwin dll).   But this compilation route is not one we support.

If you have managed to do it, even if the result doesn't work well, you should be at the stage where you are saying
        ./configure --target=i386-unknown-cygwin
and everything works (barring your crash).  If you've got this far in modifying the makefiles to do more or less the right thing with target=cygwin, then do let us have the patches, so it'll be easier for the next person. It'd also make it easier for someone to reproduce your crash.

You could also record what you learned here

As to your actual problem, I don't have a clue I'm afraid.  Maybe someone else will


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| Hello Haskellers
| My desire is simple. I want GHC-Cygiwn. I spent quite a lot of time
| struggling, trying to build ghc-6.6-Cygwin with ghc-6.4.1-mingw32.
| After having patched a lot of #ifdefs and the like I finally did it.
| Threaded RTS doesn't seem to work, but that's ok.
| And all that only to eventually realise that it crashes compiling
| non-trivial programs. The message is
|    3 [main] ghc-6.6 3648 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Error while dumping state
|       (probably corrupted stack)
| I will probably fight it again some time, but now while I'm taking a
| rest, whould anybody be so kind, who has a working GHC-Cygwin, package
| it and put somewhere so that I can just take it.
| I suppose that many people will appreciate it.
| Thank you.
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