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How to access an element in a list using forloop.counter in django templates?

I have a list in template.
I need to access that list based on a forloop.counter.

For example :

if forloop.counter is 1 then i need to access list[1]
if forloop.counter is 5 then i need to access list[5]
so on..........

I tried below techniques to solve the above problem.but none of them
is working.
Any hint on how to do this?

1. {%  for  k in klist  %}

                {{ mylist.forloop.counter }}  #This code is not
    {% endfor %}

2.  {%  for  k in klist  %}

           {{% with forloop.counter as xl %}
                {{mylist.x }} #This code is not working
          {% endwith %}

   { %endfor %}

3.  {%  for  k in klist  %}
             {{  mylist|slice:forloop.counter:forloop.counter }} #This
code is not working
   { %endfor %}

Rama vadakattu

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